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Coolzer Inverter and Outdoor Power Station

Photovoltaic Pumping System

Photovoltaic Pumping System

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Photovoltaic water lifting Inverter

Product specifications:

*rated power 2.2KW-315KW Customized

Product features:

*Photovoltaic power generation directly drives water pump for lifting water,

*adjusts the output frequency to control the motor speed in real-time according to the change in sunlight intensity,

*improving the utilization of water pumps and photovoltaic panels.

Product functions:

*Convert the DC power generated by the photovoltaic array into AC power to drive the water pump for water extraction;

* adjust the output frequency in real-time based on the sunlight intensity variation to achieve Maximum Power

Point Tracking (MPPT).

Application scenarios: domestic water supply, farm irrigation,livestock drinking water

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