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Guangzhou Coolzer Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Industrial Equipment Electricity 10-120KW S

Industrial Equipment Electricity 10-120KW S

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Product specifications:

* rated power 10KW-120KW ,controller current Customized

Product features:

*sine wave output, three-phase four-wire,

*MPPT charging, multiple protections,

* touch screen display control panel

Product functions:

*compatible with lead-acid, gel, lithium iron phosphate,

ternary lithium batteries

*photovoltaic charging,intelligent grid chargin,

*for various household appliances such as lighting, TV, refrigerator,

fan,air conditioner, washing machine, kettle, water heater, induction

cooker, microwave oven, water pump motor, three-phase electrical

equipment, etc.,

Application scenarios: factory electricity, hotel electricity, villa electricity,

photovoltaic power station, etc.

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